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Working for a definitive Car Encyclopedia.

VirtuaGarage is a powerful tool that organizes, archives and shows all the informations about cars.
Our goal is to become the ultimate car authority, bringing together official data and all the (hidden) car relationships for a "motorhead" friendly experience.
Our database is growing fast and it's just the beginning.

* catalogued vehicle brands

Community based

This is a meeting place for car lovers.
Park your cars (the ones you really owned and those you desire)
in your personal VirtuaGarage and show it to everyone.
You can also organize a (real!) car rally.

Add images

We like car spotting. For each car cataloged you can upload images of your sightings!


Edit data

All technical, commercial and historical informations
of each car are editable by you.
Whether you are a carsaddicted or not you can contribute!

Add a missing car

Rare and unique cars as well as everyday cars are catalogable.
If you do not find the car you are looking for ... add it!

What does "Cars Unveiled" mean?

Car Geneaology

Your car's secret relationships

Car is a complex object of which we know little, although we have owned it for years and we have traveled with it thousands of kilometers.

Our beloved companion could, for example, have a completely different name in another continent or be assembled in a country different from what you'd expect, even rebadged, built in license or cloned on another market.

It could have the engine, the gear, the mirrors in common with dozens of other models.

All car specifications at a glance


Model Specifications

Lenght, Wheelbase, Engine position, Traction, Brakes, Suspensions...



Have the engine of your car enough power to be used by a tractor?


Performance Parameters

Find out the official
top speed of your favorite bubble car!

Our database can store every specification of your car. And you can easily edit or insert every missing single value!
an engine

Classical cars lovers are welcome

A new benchmark for the evaluation of historic cars,
based on market trends and classic car auctions.
Here is an example:

Cars of historical interest
Market tracker

Based on world market trends with valuations in Euro. Valuations for vehicles in average/good condition of conservation. Depending on the target market (e.g. a German car in the German market) valuations are subject to considerable variations.

Production informations


Where was built your car?

Where was assembled every car? You may find that the Italian purewant that you hid in the garage is actually produced in Brazil.

List of plants in our DB

How many cars were producted and for how long?

Does this car was a success or a fiasco? And how long was in production without any update? Verify if you've the unique and last copy of the mighty Austin Allegro!

Cars tagged as best sellers Commercial flops

Celebrating Car Lovers

Designers, engeneers that follow the car
from a sketch to the assembly line.
Eminent persons who made the car industry fortune,
famous drivers or insuspectable car lovers.

Find all'em here

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