Toyota 2000GT


Produced from 1967 to 1970

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In the distant year of 1967, Toyota showcased its talent and skill by creating what is now regarded as one of the most astonishing, rare, and incredible Japanese cars of all time: ladies and gentlemen, behold the magnificent 2000 GT. This sleek two-seater coupe wasn’t just thrilling to drive and ahead of its time, but it also marked Toyota’s redemption against European and American brands. Following World War II, victorious countries like the United Kingdom and the United States dismissed Japanese manufacturers, even mockingly dubbing Toyota as “ToyMotor,” implying their models were mere toys compared to true Western sports cars. However, this mockery was short-lived.

In the early 1960s, Toyota took on a sports coupe project initially proposed by Yamaha and dropped by Nissan. This project became the foundation for a car capable of rivaling the likes of the Jaguar E-Type and Porsche 911. The 2000 GT was crafted by Toyota’s best engineers, testers, and designers, all driven by project leader Shoichi Saito’s single directive: “Do whatever it takes not only to produce the Toyota 2000 GT but to make it one of the best cars in the world, if not the best.”

The 1965 Tokyo Motor Show witnessed the debut of this front-engine, rear-wheel-drive sports car, which boasted breathtaking lines, exquisite proportions, impressive performance, and rare technical features for its time. By 1967, when production began, the 2000 GT silenced Western critics with its independent suspension, disc brakes on all four wheels, limited-slip differential, aluminum body, magnesium wheels, and an engine developed in collaboration with Yamaha. While its design drew significant inspiration from European sports cars—with a long hood, set-back cabin, and droplet rear reminiscent of the E-Type Coupe, and hints of Ferrari berlinetta proportions—the majority of the work was attributed to designer Satoru Nozaki.

Trim Levels/Versions

YearModel NameFuelBodyWheelDrivePr.FromtoSpeedQOD
YearModel NameFuelBodyWheelDrivePr.FromtoSpeedQOD
1968 1968 Toyota 2000 GT MF10 Petrol CoupéUNK 220 km/h 2
1968 1968 Toyota 2000 GT Open-Top Petrol Convertible/Cabrio/CabrioletUNK 220 km/h 2


» Petrol Engines
Id.Engine1988 cc
Kind of EngineNaturally aspirated
Identificative engine3m
Cylinders ConfigurationStraight/Inline Engine
Displacement1988 cc
Cylinders number6
Electric engine - kind
Battery kind
Peak Power (hp)
Peak Power (kW)
Battery power
Operating Voltage
Battery: Operating Temperature
Battery: System Voltage
Battery: Cell Configuration
Battery: 0-80% Charge time
Torque @ r.p.m.
Cylinders angle
Maximum Power (HP)148 hp
Power (PS)150 ps
Power kW110 kW
Power @ rounds per minute6600 rpm
Bore75 mm
Stroke75 mm
Valve TrainDouble overhead camshaft DOHC
Compression Ratio8.4:1
Engine block material
Cylinder head material
Fuel System3 mikuni-solex carburettors
Engine Data accuracy
2000 GT MF10
2000 GT Open-Top

Car body variants

Body styleCoupéConvertible/Cabrio/Cabriolet
Wheelbase2329 mm2329 mm
Lenght4176 mm4176 mm
Width1600 mm1600 mm
Height1161 mm1161 mm
Curb Weight
Wheel Drive
Engine LocationFrontFront
Seating capacity (number)
Track Tread (front)1300 mm1300 mm
Track Tread (rear)1300 mm1300 mm
Luggage capacity (min)
Luggage capacity (max)
Weight distribution (FRONT)
Engine AlignmentLongitudinalLongitudinal
Drag Coefficient
2000 GT MF10
2000 GT Open-Top

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