Fiat 600 Multipla


Produced from 1956 to 1967

The Fiat 600 Multipla is one of the most interesting economy cars produced in the post-war era. As the first mass-produced minivan, it epitomized the family car in post-war Italy: the “Multipla” could carry everything, including the kitchen sink, while consuming very little fuel; achieving around 15 km/l, which was an impressive feat for its time. You might think there’s nothing particularly innovative about it, but the Multipla was among the very first vehicles to redefine the concept of a car as a space to live in and share.

The Fiat 600 Multipla was unveiled at the 1956 Brussels Motor Show and was derived from the small Fiat 600, the model that had initiated mass motorization in Italy the previous year. The 600 Multipla retained the same 2-meter wheelbase and the same engine as its smaller sibling: a small overhead valve, 633 cc, 22 HP four-cylinder engine mounted at the rear and water-cooled. However, the Multipla offered a completely different architecture: measuring 3.5 meters in length, its first-row seats were positioned forward of the front axle. Thus, the Fiat Multipla can be considered the first European minivan.

A distinctive feature was the spare tire mounted inside the cabin, under the dashboard, right in front of the front passenger. Safety considerations were not a priority in those years. The design of the Fiat 600 Multipla caused a sensation: its flat nose and teardrop-shaped body were unusual stylistic choices for the time. Access to the cabin was provided by four doors, with the front ones being “suicide doors.” Another difference from the 600 was in the front suspension, which was taken from the larger 1100 model. The Multipla was only offered in a two-tone paint scheme, a popular choice among the prestigious cars during the boom years.

Trim Levels/Versions

YearModel NameFuelBodyWheelDrivePr.FromtoSpeedQOD
YearModel NameFuelBodyWheelDrivePr.FromtoSpeedQOD
1956 1956 Fiat 600D Multipla Petrol Multi Purpose VehicleRWD - 1
1955 1955 Fiat 600 Multipla Petrol Multi Purpose VehicleRWD - 1
1963 Fiat 600 D Multipla Petrol Multi Purpose VehicleRWD - 1
1965 1964 Fiat 600 D Familiare Petrol Multi Purpose VehicleRWD 95 km/h 1


» Petrol Engines
Id.Engine633 cc633 cc767 cc767 cc
Kind of EngineNaturally aspiratedNaturally aspiratedNaturally aspiratedNaturally aspirated
Identificative engine
Cylinders ConfigurationStraight/Inline EngineStraight/Inline EngineStraight/Inline EngineStraight/Inline Engine
Displacement633 cc633 cc767 cc767 cc
Cylinders number4 4 4 4
Electric engine - kind
Battery kind
Peak Power (hp)
Peak Power (kW)
Battery power
Operating Voltage
Battery: Operating Temperature
Battery: System Voltage
Battery: Cell Configuration
Battery: 0-80% Charge time
Torque43 N-m50 N-m49 N-m
Torque @ r.p.m. 2400 rpm 2500 rpm 3000 rpm
Cylinders angle
Maximum Power (HP)22 hp28.5 hp25 hp29 hp
Power (PS)22.3 ps28.9 ps25.3 ps29.4 ps
Power kW16.4 kW21.3 kW18.6 kW21.6 kW
Power @ rounds per minute4600 rpm4600 rpm4600 rpm4800 rpm
Bore60 mm60 mm62 mm62 mm
Stroke56 mm56 mm63.5 mm63.5 mm
Valve TrainOverhead valves OHVOverhead valves OHVOverhead valves OHVOverhead valves OHV
Compression Ratio7:1 7.5:1 7.5:1 7.5:1
Engine block material
Cylinder head material
Fuel System1 we carb1 we carb1 weber 28 icp 6 carburettor1 we carb
Engine Data accuracy
600 Multipla
600D Multipla
600 D Familiare
600 D Multipla

Car body variants

Body styleMulti Purpose VehicleMulti Purpose VehicleMulti Purpose VehicleMulti Purpose Vehicle
Wheelbase2000 mm2000 mm2000 mm2000 mm
Lenght3531 mm3534 mm3540 mm3800 mm
Width1448 mm1451 mm1500 mm1490 mm
Height1581 mm1581 mm1581 mm1660 mm
Curb Weight
Wheel Drive
Engine LocationRearRearRearRear
Seating capacity (number)
Track Tread (front)1114 mm1229 mm1229 mm1220 mm
Track Tread (rear)1149 mm1156 mm1159 mm1190 mm
Luggage capacity (min)
Luggage capacity (max)
Weight distribution (FRONT)
Engine AlignmentLongitudinalLongitudinalLongitudinalLongitudinal
Drag Coefficient
600 Multipla
600 D Multipla
600D Multipla
600 D Familiare

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