De Tomaso Pantera


Produced from 1971 to 1993

The De Tomaso Pantera is a classic Italian sports car produced from 1971 to 1993. It combines sleek Italian design by Tom Tjaarda at Ghia with American muscle, featuring a powerful Ford V8 engine. Renowned for its distinctive styling, robust performance, and exotic appeal, the Pantera remains a beloved icon among car enthusiasts. Its blend of European aesthetics and American power offers a unique driving experience, making it a standout in automotive history.

Trim Levels/Versions

YearModel NameFuelBodyWheelDrivePr.FromtoSpeedQOD
YearModel NameFuelBodyWheelDrivePr.FromtoSpeedQOD
1970 1970 De Tomaso Pantera GTS Petrol CoupéUNK - 1
1971 1971 De Tomaso Pantera GTS Petrol CoupéUNK 280 km/h 1
1972 1972 De Tomaso Pantera L Petrol CoupéUNK 254 km/h 1
1979 De Tomaso Pantera GT5 S Petrol CoupéUNK 280 km/h 1
1990 1990 De Tomaso Pantera GT5 S Petrol CoupéUNK 269 km/h 1


» Petrol Engines
Id.Engine4942 cc5766 cc5766 cc5766 cc5766 cc
Kind of EngineNaturally aspiratedNaturally aspiratedNaturally aspiratedNaturally aspiratedNaturally aspirated
Identificative engine
Cylinders ConfigurationV EngineV EngineV EngineV EngineV Engine
Displacement4942 cc5766 cc5766 cc5766 cc5766 cc
Cylinders number8 8 8 8 8
Electric engine - kind
Battery kind
Peak Power (hp)
Peak Power (kW)
Battery power
Operating Voltage
Battery: Operating Temperature
Battery: System Voltage
Battery: Cell Configuration
Battery: 0-80% Charge time
Torque451 N-m481 N-m441 N-m451 N-m491 N-m
Torque @ r.p.m. 3700 rpm 4000 rpm 3400 rpm 3800 rpm 3500 rpm
Cylinders angle
Maximum Power (HP)305 hp300 hp330 hp350 hp350 hp
Power (PS)309 ps304 ps335 ps355 ps355 ps
Power kW227 kW224 kW246 kW261 kW261 kW
Power @ rounds per minute5800 rpm6000 rpm5400 rpm6000 rpm6000 rpm
Bore101.6 mm101.6 mm101.6 mm101.6 mm101.6 mm
Stroke76.2 mm88.9 mm88.9 mm88.9 mm88.9 mm
Valve TrainOverhead valves OHVOverhead valves OHVOverhead valves OHVOverhead valves OHVOverhead valves OHV
Compression Ratio11:1 8.5:1 8.5:1 9.5:1 11:1
Engine block material
Cylinder head material
Fuel System1 mo carb1 au carb1 ho carb1 au carb
Engine Data accuracy
Pantera GT5 S
Pantera GTS
Pantera L
Pantera GT5 S
Pantera GTS

Car body variants

Body styleCoupéCoupéCoupéCoupéCoupé
Wheelbase2515 mm2515 mm2515 mm2515 mm2515 mm
Lenght4255 mm4270 mm4270 mm4270 mm4370 mm
Width1803 mm1900 mm1830 mm1900 mm
Height1099 mm1092 mm1100 mm1092 mm
Curb Weight
Wheel Drive
Engine LocationMiddleMiddleMiddleMiddleMiddle
Seating capacity (number)
Track Tread (front)1461 mm1448 mm1450 mm1560 mm
Track Tread (rear)1570 mm1461 mm1460 mm1567 mm
Luggage capacity (min)
Luggage capacity (max)
Weight distribution (FRONT)
Engine AlignmentLongitudinalLongitudinalLongitudinalLongitudinalLongitudinal
Drag Coefficient
Pantera GTS
Pantera GT5 S
Pantera L
Pantera GTS
Pantera GT5 S

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