Autobianchi Primula


Produced from 1964 to 1970

The Primula was a car produced by Autobianchi between 1964 and 1970. The Primula was the first car in the Fiat group to experiment with front-wheel drive and a transverse engine.

In the early sixties, Oreste Lardone and Dante Giacosa managed to convince the top management of the company to experiment again with a technical solution that provided undeniable advantages for small and medium-sized cars. However, nobody wanted to use the FIAT brand for this experimentation, preferring the “collateral” Autobianchi. Thus, in 1961, the “Project 109” began. Using a new platform and placing the well-known 1221 cc, 4-cylinder in-line carbureted engine from the 1100 D in a transverse front position, the Primula was born in 1964 with front-wheel drive. Characterized by a rational and sober two-volume design with slight rear fins, which were very popular at the time, the Primula could be chosen in a sedan or coupe configuration.

The sedan could have a practical rear hatch or a simple trunk, in 2, 3, 4, or 5-door versions, while the coupe model, with a lower roof and tapered rear, was offered only in a 2-door version. The rear hatch, which made it a “fastback” car, was not very appreciated in Italy but was very popular in France. This was a rare case since foreign cars were not particularly appreciated in France, but utility models like the Citroën 2CV Mixte or the Renault 4 were highly loved, precisely because of the rear hatch that allowed for great versatility of use.

Characterized by refined finishes, the new Autobianchi had good performance thanks to the 49 horsepower engine, supported by excellent road-holding, a credit to the front-wheel drive and independent MacPherson front suspensions, another novelty for the company. Another novelty introduced by this car, first among those in the Fiat group, was the adoption of rack and pinion steering.

Trim Levels/Versions

YearModel NameFuelBodyWheelDrivePr.FromtoSpeedQOD
YearModel NameFuelBodyWheelDrivePr.FromtoSpeedQOD
1964 Autobianchi Primula (1964) Petrol -FWD 140 km/h 1
1965 Autobianchi Primula (1965) Petrol -UNK - 1
1968 1964 Autobianchi Primula 5 Porte Petrol HatchbackUNK 140 km/h 1
1968 1964 Autobianchi Primula Coupé Petrol CoupéUNK 150 km/h 1
1968 Autobianchi Primula Coupé S Petrol CoupéFWD 155 km/h 2


» Petrol Engines
Id.Engine1220 cc1221 cc1221 cc1221 cc1438 cc
Kind of EngineNaturally aspiratedNaturally aspiratedNaturally aspirated
Identificative engine
Cylinders ConfigurationStraight/Inline EngineStraight/Inline EngineStraight/Inline EngineStraight/Inline EngineStraight/Inline Engine
Displacement1220 cc1221 cc1221 cc1221 cc1438 cc
Cylinders number4 4 4 4 4
Electric engine - kind
Battery kind
Peak Power (hp)
Peak Power (kW)
Battery power
Operating Voltage
Battery: Operating Temperature
Battery: System Voltage
Battery: Cell Configuration
Battery: 0-80% Charge time
Torque93 N-m
Torque @ r.p.m.3200 rpm
Cylinders angle
Maximum Power (HP)61 hp64 hp70 hp
Power (PS)58 ps58 ps62 ps65 ps
Power kW45 kW48 kW
Power @ rounds per minute5300 rpm5300 rpm5600 rpm5400 rpm5750 rpm
Bore72 mm72 mm72 mm80 mm
Stroke75 mm75 mm75 mm71.5 mm
Valve TrainOverhead valves OHVOverhead valves OHV
Compression Ratio9 8.6:1 8.6:1 9.3:1
Engine block material
Cylinder head material
Fuel System2 we carbs
Engine Data accuracy
Primula 5 Porte
Primula Coupé
Primula Coupé S

Car body variants

Body styleCoupéCoupéHatchback
Wheelbase2310 mm2300 mm2300 mm2300 mm
Lenght3800 mm3710 mm3739 mm3785 mm
Width1590 mm1570 mm1478 mm1577 mm
Height1350 mm1351 mm1351 mm1410 mm
Curb Weight
Wheel Drive
Engine LocationFrontFrontFrontFront
Seating capacity (number)
Track Tread (front)1341 mm1341 mm1341 mm
Track Tread (rear)1300 mm1300 mm1300 mm
Luggage capacity (min)
Luggage capacity (max)
Weight distribution (FRONT)
Engine AlignmentTransverseTransverseTransverse
Drag Coefficient
Primula Coupé S
Primula Coupé
Primula 5 Porte

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