Acura TL


Produced from 1996 to 2014


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About this car

The Acura TL is a mid-size luxury car that was produced by the Japanese automaker Acura, the luxury vehicle division of Honda, between 1996 and 2014. The TL was positioned as a step above the smaller Integra model and below the larger RL flagship model, and it was designed to appeal to a wide range of luxury car buyers looking for a comfortable, practical and high-performing vehicle.

Throughout its production run, the TL was available in a range of different configurations, including front-wheel drive and Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) versions, and it was powered by a choice of V6 engines, with both manual and automatic transmission options. The TL was known for its comfortable and spacious interior, advanced technology, and smooth and refined ride.

The TL was well-received by the public and critics alike, and it was a popular choice among luxury car buyers looking for a vehicle that offered a balance of performance, luxury, and practicality. It was praised for its distinctive styling, high-quality materials, and advanced features such as navigation systems, premium sound systems, and advanced safety systems.

In addition to its impressive performance and luxury features, the TL was also known for its fuel efficiency, low emissions and advanced environmental technologies, making it an environmentally-friendly choice for luxury car buyers. The production of the TL was discontinued in 2014, and it was replaced by the Acura TLX, which offers a more modern and refined design, advanced technology and improved performance features.


Produced from: 1996

Produced to: 2014

End of production

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