About VirtuaGarage

VirtuaGarage has been online since 2016. Our mission is to faithfully and collaboratively gather all automotive information. With the community’s support, we document details about favorite, unusual, and rare cars. Official sources, specialized books, and user contributions provide most of the data.

VirtuaGarage presents a unique challenge. Fabio Di Pane Masi developed this WordPress-based project to implement the best solutions for multiple passions. Alongside VirtuaGarage, DiecastLovers shares the same passion in miniature form. Starting in 2025, every miniature car will link directly to its full-scale counterpart.

Our platform aims to be a comprehensive resource for car enthusiasts. We cover a wide range of vehicles, from classic models to the latest releases. Users can find detailed specifications, historical data, and interesting trivia about each car. We encourage contributions from car enthusiasts worldwide to ensure our database remains accurate and up-to-date.

VirtuaGarage isn’t just about cars; it’s about community. We offer discussion boards where users can share their experiences, ask questions, and connect with other car lovers. Regular updates and featured articles keep our content fresh and engaging.

In addition to our extensive database, we provide tools and features to enhance the user experience. Our search functionality allows users to find specific cars or browse categories based on their interests. We also offer a comparison tool to help users evaluate different models side by side.

At VirtuaGarage, we understand the importance of preserving automotive history. We aim to be a digital archive, ensuring that information about all types of cars is accessible to future generations. By collaborating with experts and enthusiasts, we strive to maintain a high standard of quality and accuracy.

Whether you’re a casual car fan or a dedicated collector, VirtuaGarage has something for you. Join us in exploring the fascinating world of automobiles and contribute to our growing community. Together, we can create the most comprehensive automotive resource on the web.